Reuss Private Group expands leadership team and appoints Raoul Weil as CEO

Wilen, 24 January 2021 – Change at the top of Reuss Private Group: Raoul Weil takes over as CEO from Felix Brem, who is stepping back from day-to-day business operations and moving to the Board of Directors. In addition, German nationals Georg Kornmayer and Christoph Drießen join the Executive Board.

In response to the dramatic growth of recent years, Reuss Private Group is restructuring and enlarging its leadership team. This move goes hand in hand with a change at the top of the company: Felix Brem, long-standing CEO and co-founder of Reuss Private Group, is stepping back from day-to-day business operations and moving to the Board of Directors. He is succeeded by Raoul Weil, who served on the Group’s Board of Directors prior to this move. The new Executive Board line-up will see Georg Kornmayer (Country Manager for Germany) and Christoph Drießen (Group CFO) serving alongside Felix Ronner (CIO) and Roman Neff (Country Manager for Switzerland). The appointments are pending the approval of the competent supervisory authority.

Felix Brem moving to the Boards of Directors of Reuss Private Group and Reuss Private AG

Felix Brem expressed the wish to step back from the Executive Board of Reuss Private Group for personal reasons. As a significant anchor shareholder, he continues to play a role in defining the strategic direction of the Group. “Reuss Private Group and its subsidiaries are very well established. I am convinced the Group can maintain its current level of growth,” added Felix Brem.

Dr Daniel Heller, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Reuss Private Group, thanked Brem for his long-standing involvement: “As co-founder, Felix has been instrumental in shaping the Group’s development. Among other achievements he is responsible for its impressive growth, which I might add was achieved without mergers, acquisitions or takeovers. I am delighted that we will continue to benefit from his expertise on the Board of Directors.”

Raoul Weil takes over as CEO

Raoul Weil, previously member of the Reuss Private Group Board of Directors, succeeds Felix Brem as CEO. His career mileposts include periods as Chairman and CEO Global Wealth Management & Business Banking as well as Group Executive Board member of UBS. Raoul Weil has been Managing Partner of Reuss Private Group since 2010.

Georg Kornmayer and Christoph Drießen join the Executive Board

Georg Kornmayer has served as Managing Director of the broker pool FONDSNET since 2006 and brings with him more than 20 years of experience in the financial services sector. He has also been a Director of Reuss Private Holding, which handles all of the international group’s activities in Germany, since 2021. His Board colleague Christoph Drießen joined the Group as CFO in 2019; he likewise offers over 20 years of management experience in the financial services and investment sector, including as Head of Division and Projects at Axa Konzern AG.

Maintaining growth trajectory with an expanded leadership team

Reuss Private Group is enjoying sustained strong growth. 2020 saw new record levels of both assets under management (EUR 32 billion) and revenue (EUR 173 million). Over each of the past five years, annual growth rates have been consistently above 20 percent. This development continued in 2021. “Felix Brem has set the bar extremely high with this above-average growth. Going forward, the expanded team of directors means we are now excellently placed to maintain this course and even exceed expectations. I relish this challenge,” remarked Raoul Weil on his new task.